PharmaTill Epos System

PharmaTill is an efficient pharmacy epos system trusted by chemists all around the UK. The epos till software is exclusively developed for pharmacy. Easy to use, yet packed with features PharmaTill helps to run your pharmacy smoothly and efficiently. Using the latest technology and powered by our wealth of experience and knowledge in pharmacy and IT, PharmaTill offers a sophisticated epos solution for your pharmacy.

Easy to Use

Carefully designed screens in touch screen system make it easy for your staff to process sales swiftly. Most of the functionality is provided in the sales screen so you serve customers quickly.

Efficient Stock Control

With PharmaTill, you can maintain accurate stock control. Sales, order, stock adjustment are tracked with date and time so you can easily see the stock movement. It helps you order efficiently by looking at the product's sales history, so you can avoid wastage.

C&D Update

PharmaTill comes with a full C&D data on installation. With Automatic weekly C&D update you can be assured you are selling at the right price. The system also gives a warning if your selling price is less than C&D price.

Promotional Offers

To increase sales and clear stock, it is easy to set up various promotions like Buy One Get One Free, Price reductions etc. and print shelf edge labels.

Integrated Card Processing

Integrated card processing via internet enables you to process debit/card payments swiftly and directly thereby avoiding human error. Includes Contactless payments.

Order via Internet

In PharmaTill, you can send orders to all major suppliers through the internet. You can also compare the prices of different suppliers and send your order to the cheapest supplier.

Head Office System

PharmaTill Head Office System offers one point control of all your pharmacy branches running PharmaTill EPOS software. It will reduce lot of duplicate work, thus saving staff time.

Back Office System

PharmaTill Back Office System offers the option of performing various pharmacy operations without disturbing the front till. Price changes, sending and receiving orders, setting up promotions, printing shelf edge labels.

PharmaTill Head Office System

PharmaTill Head Office System offers one point control of all your pharmacy branches running PharmaTill EPOS software. It will reduce lot of duplicate work, thus saving staff time. You can add/scan new products in any one of the branches, the information will be spread to all the branches. This ensures every shop has uniform records and pricing structure. When you change the price of an item(s) in head office server, all your branches will then have the same price. You can view the stock level of any shop within the group. You can do C&D updates in head office system and the price changes will be sent to all the shops automatically and prints shelf edge labels in the shop. So branches don’t need to spend time on any updates, thus saving staff time. You can create promotions in head office and it will be sent to other branches or particular branch automatically.

About Us

At ProDigit Systems Ltd. we are a dedicated software solutions company run by professionals with over 15 years experience in software industry. We specialize in providing EPOS solutions for the pharmacies all across the UK. We look after our clients and take pride in our excellent customer support. Having in-house software developers, we are able to update our software as technology develops. We release product updates of our EPOS software at regular intervals. Our existing customers are able to enjoy the new versions as and when they are released FREE of cost. We always listen to our customers and welcome their feedback.


Surinder Braich, Saydon Pharmacy

I highly recommend Pharmatill. The product is very good and got great functionality. We had it fitted at our main shop and we were so impressed we upgraded to head office system and then fitted second system into another store.
Michael and Amali gave great support and after service and guided me through all my different requirements. Huge thank you.

Mr.Navin Patel, Denbigh Pharmacy

Investing in Pharmatill has to be one of the best decisions I did for my business and I am glad I did.

Not only is it user friendly for all but they provide excellent support of any company that I have ever dealt with.

I am truly amazed at how quickly they always respond to questions that we have. It is as if I have my own personal support contact waiting there just to answer my questions.

Pharmatill wonderful service is what any company should strive towards.

Mr. Hitesh Dodhia, Blackwater Pharmacy

We found PharmaTill invaluable for our business.

From the simple intuitive feel for the till, which staff picked up very quickly to the many functions that it offers.
The management functions provides good information on what drives our sales, what stock moves, and how to keep an eye on that Rimmel stand. It is accountant friendly. It has simplified our ordering process, helped with stock control. I have hardly used the customer support, as it is very easy to use, but when I have, the support is excellent.

I have recommended PharmaTill to all my friends.

Mr. Devraj Dalvair, Dalvair Pharmacy

I had been looking for a good epos system after having problems with two of the “big companies” and decided to make contact with PharmaTill. Michael Valan gave me details of the capabilities of the system and on demo day I was very impressed and decided to purchase the system as it seemed very cost effective.

The whole process of data entry and set up was supervised and staff were trained appropriately. The few niggles we had on starting were resolved promptly and good suggestions were updated to the system.
Since then we have built a very good professional relationship with the PharmaTill team.

I have been very impressed with the modifications to the software since the beginning and the epos system has now evolved into a must have for independents who manage their pharmacies like me.

To summarise it is a very useful system, intricate but made easy to use with personal service and back up to match.
Thank you PharmaTill!!!

Mr. Uma Patel, Dunns Chemist

Having looked at various EPOS systems and tried a couple, I chose PharmaTill which I have been using for over 3 years now.

The software is intuitive, simple and user friendly which enables the counter staff to operate the system without supervision and yet it has all the functionality required in the pharmacy.

Michael Valan’s service is friendly and prompt,

I have no hesitation in recommending the system.

Mr. Girish Lad, Lowdham Pharmacy

PharmaTill is an epos system with a high level of functionality but which is a very user friendly, designed especially for pharmacy.

PharmaTill provides detailed reports from sales statistics, summaries to detailed audit journals allowing me to maximise my sales potential and security.

There is a robust stock control and order system which has saved me a great deal of time.

One of the best things about PharmaTill is that many of the functions can be accessed from the sales screen which means you are able to update stock, create promotions, community support and many more functions without having to keep switching.

Another really important aspect of using PharmaTill is the support team who answer my questions and queries promptly.

I highly recommend PharmaTill Epos System.

Mr. Barry Barrett, Medigen Ltd.

We have now installed Pharmatill in three of our shops and have never looked back.

The system has reduced our stock holding and has improved our stock availability and has also reduced the amount of tasks staff had to carry out on a daily basis.

Staff took the system very quickly and they loved the how easy it was to use and how it reduced their work load and allowed them to spend more time to interact with customers.

The training from Pharmatill was excellent and the installations went very smooth. Yes with installing EPOS there were some teething problems and these were quickly resolved by calling the Pharmatill help desk who were very helpful and nothing was too much trouble.

We will be putting Pharmatill in to a fourth shop very soon.

I am very impressed with the Pharmatill system with what it can do, the equipment and service is excellent and would recommend them to any pharmacy.

Mr. Asif Mahmood, Robertsons Pharmacy

I’ve been using Pharma Till for the past 3 years and I’ve found the support, professionalism from the onset as fantastic.

Michael has been great and very supportive and I would highly recommend Pharma Till.

Thanks Michael.

Mr. Manoj Patel, Sandylight Pharmacy

PharmaTill is an excellent, user friendly, does not require much time to learn, even for older members of staff and easy to program in terms of price.

Very happy to have had it and been using for 2 years now.

Mr. Colin Pickles, Numark Pharmacy

The Pharmatill software is intuitive and easy to operate with all the functionality I need to manage my business.

Reports, orders, accounts, shelf edge labels etc. are all easily accessible without too many steps even in the middle of customer transactions.

When we have had hardware or broadband issues or software glitches as invariably happens with computer systems Valan and his team are easy to contact and quickly available for help and support.

I am more than happy to endorse Pharmatill to other community pharmacists considering purchasing a new EPOS system.

Mrs. Urvasa Doshi, Mona Pharmacy

I have had Pharmatill for about 3 years now and have found it indispensable. It is like having an extra member of staff!

We use it for ordering and stock control and the staff, old and new have found it very easy to use.

We have used the system to highlight the slow lines and have managed to lower our stock levels.

The support that we get from Pharmatill is excellent. They are always there to support with any queries.

I would recommend the system and the company to anyone wanting an epos system.

Mr. Jay Patel, Croyland Pharmacy

had Pharmatill system installed in 2013 following a major refit and glad we made the investment in such a user friendly epos system.

Michael came to show us the system and there was no pushy sales pitch or pressure applied to purchase.
I looked at various systems before we decided to go with Pharmatill.

Pharmatill provided the best value for money and is so simple to use!! Michael installed the system with ease and provided training to all our staff and is always giving us tips and updates on how to get the best out of the system.

Michael has provided us such excellent after sales support and is always there no matter how trivial the matter is. I have recommended Pharmatill to several other colleagues and they have been very happy with the choice.

Pharmatill has allowed to simplify our retail processes and operations. Our stock control has improved greatly and tells us exactly what to and not to order. There so many useful functions from accounting to stock control and easy ordering.

I have absolute no hesitation in recommending Pharmatill and have installed Pharmatill in an another pharmacy recently purchased.

Mr. Mohammed Ikqlaq, Birstall Pharmacy

PharmaTill EPoS system is perfect for my stores.

It is easy to understand and use for both my staff and me. I also find it very helpful in making sound business decisions based on the reports that I can generate. It has also helped me control stock better in stores.

Thank you also for your after sales support. My store teams have found you accessible and helpful when they’ve felt a need to contact you.

I have always found that you’ve been there when I’ve needed to speak with you about how best I can use the system to improve my business.

I appreciate your continued support and look forward to working with you going forward.

Mr. Harish Gandesha, Silverfield Chemist

We have been using PharmaTill for many years now, its simple design and ease of use just keeps getting better year on year.

Both the Till and Back office functions are easy to use.
The simple and efficient home screen is a good reminder that PharmaTill is by far the best system out there.

The Support team have always been on hand and resolved any issue promptly. Special Functions and features have been designed and amended to meet our busy pharmacy and business needs and PharmaTill have always found a solution in altering the system to help all customers and constantly improving the ease of use.

Mr. Shamir Patel, Roxannes Pharmacy

We have found Pharmatill really easy to use and is a great fit to our business different menus and functions can be adapted to suit all the different areas of our business.

All our staff have found Pharmatill extremely easy to use and been a joy serving the customer and keeping the sales and stock figures accurate.

Having run it for over a year now in our shops, the reports which are created are very detailed and informative which helped us to maintain adequate stocks levels.

Pharmatill systems are extremely robust and reliable , any initial set up issues we had was dealt straight away very efficient via a quick Phone call by Michel and his team.

Most definitely recommend it to any pharmacy who are looking for an easy-to-use epos package with excellent stock control and reporting tools with integrated accounting tools.

Mr. Hanif Jetha, EJ Pharmacy

We have had the PharmaTill system for a few years now and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting an easy to use yet versatile EPOS system.

The system allows us to access another branches through our head office. Our employees have not needed to be experienced with technology as the system is really simple for all users and has flexible software and hardware capabilities to suit each individual pharmacy’s requirements.

We received the systems complete with installation and the support service is first class. Any help or advice requires only a phone call to the customer support line and in our experience they have always been dealt with promptly and efficiently and above all politely.

The PharmaTill EPOS system enables the smooth running of daily operations. With the help of this system we have worked towards driving up profit margins, reducing costs, improving stock control and management, increasing numerous customer spend and generally raising efficiency of all staff members and the overall business.

As a loyal PharmaTill customer, we have no hesitation in highly recommending this system.

Mr. Sohail Amjed, Vision Pharmacy

It is with pleasure and on merit I would like to say that I am using PharmaTill for almost 4 years and after having 21 years experience of working as a Pharmacist.

I worked as a locum pharmacist for almost every pharmacy chain in the country and then as a pharmacy owner I tried scores of tills and found that PharmaTill is the best.

The flexibility and ease of use is fantastic and support is excellent!

Mr. Vipul Dhodia, Regal Pharmacy

We have been using Pharmatill EPOs system for just over 2 years,

Really easy to use.

Have managed to reduce our stock levels, but increased our takings by 20%

Just pays for itself.

Really frees up my time as the computer automatically orders the stock everyday.

Don’t have to waste time with REPS.

Mr. Mohammed Patel, 7-11 Pharmacy

We’ve been using pharmaTill for over 3 years. Can’t fault it.

Simple, user friendly and the staff love it.

Any issues, support is provided swiftly by Michael and his team.

Highly recommended.

Mr. Bipin Patel, Turnbulls Chemist

Installing Pharmatill EPOS system was the best investment we made.

Michael talked us through and with his personal touch at all times when needed was the reason we acquired Pharmatill Epos system.

Mr. Bhavesh Patel, Masters Pharmacy

Getting PharmaTill for my pharmacy has been best decision I have taken, as it has been user-friendly, easy to use for staff and also helped to manage stock and ordering options.

Support Team has always been really helpful and supportive whenever you need them Thanks Michael for being there always.

Definitely would recommend PharmaTill.

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